Accept payments through Paypal via Hyperswitch

This section gives you an overview of how to make payments via Paypal through Hyperswitch

Paypal provides a secure, open payment gateway. Merchants can choose that PayPal host the checkout pages and manage security for sales and authorizations. Merchants who want total control over the checkout experience can host their own checkout pages other online payment businesses need. To know about more about payment methods supported by Paypal via hyperswitch visit here.

Activating Paypal via Hyperswitch


  1. You need to be registered with Paypal in order to proceed. In case you aren't, you can quickly setup your Paypal account here

  2. You should have a registered Hyperswitch account. You can access your account from the Hyperswitch dashboard

  3. The Paypal's Client Secret and Client ID can be found in your Paypal dashboard.

  4. Select all the payment methods you wish to use Paypal for. Ensure that this is the same as the ones configured on your Paypal dashboard

Steps to activate Paypal on Hyperswitch control center.

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