Use PayPal With Stripe

Payment Recipe #1

This section will highlight the benefits of complementing your Stripe integration with Paypal

Use Paypal with Stripe

With Hyperswitch, you can start offering Paypal to your customers, while enjoying the convenience and developer experience offered by Stripe. You can easily migrate from Stripe to Hyperswitch in five simple steps and add Paypal with a few button clicks. If you are not already integrated with Stripe, all that it takes is 15 minutes to integrate Hyperswitch from scratch. We have ready code snippets to copy-paste and integrate.

Why is Paypal important for your online business?

If your online business is primarily based out of US, or, if you wish to expand your online business to a global audience, Paypal is a must have for your business, due to two reasons:

  • 70% e-commerce stores in the US already support Paypal

  • Get access to 400 million active users across the world

On one hand, Apple Pay is the most popular digital wallet on the planet, but its growth has been largely driven by offline/ in-store usage and it is limited to the iOS ecosystem for online payments. On the other hand, GooglePay is a globally popular wallet, but its user growth is largely driven by India (which caters to roughly 70% of its entire user base).

E-commerce acceptance in United States




United States - user base


38 million

25 million

Global - user base

400 million active users

535 million active users

150 million active users

No. of countries




If you wish to start offering Paypal to your customers, Hyperswitch offers you an end-to-end and future proof payments toolkit.

You can migrate from Stripe to Hyperswitch in less than 15 mins and enable Paypal in a couple of clicks. Please follow the account setup (next section) to enable different payment methods of Stripe with Paypal.

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