🩺Test payments through Newman wrapped in Rust

Test payments through CLI version of Postman, Newman which resides in a Rust wrapper called as Rustman


To begin with, a fork of Newman needs to be installed by executing npm install -g 'https://github.com/knutties/newman.git#feature/newman-dir'

This Newman fork has built-in support exporting and importing a postman collection in the form directory unlike having a single large .json collection file.

To see the features that the fork of newman supports, click here

Test Utils Usage

  • Add the connector credentials to the connector_auth.toml / auth.toml by creating a copy of the sample_auth.toml from router/tests/connectors/sample_auth.toml

  • Export the auth file path as an environment variable:

    export CONNECTOR_AUTH_FILE_PATH=/path/to/connector_auth.toml

Supported Commands

Required fields:

  • --admin-api-key -- Admin API Key of the environment. test_admin is the Admin API Key for running locally

  • --base-url -- Base URL of the environment. / http://localhost:8080 is the Base URL for running locally

  • --connector-name -- Name of the connector that you wish to run. Example: adyen, shift4, stripe

Optional fields:

  • --delay -- To add a delay between requests in milliseconds.

    • Maximum delay is 4294967295 milliseconds or 4294967.295 seconds or 71616 minutes or 1193.6 hours or 49.733 days

    • Example: --delay 1000 (for 1 second delay)

  • --folder -- To run individual folders in the collection

    • Use double quotes to specify folder name. If you wish to run multiple folders, separate them with a comma (,)

    • Example: --folder "QuickStart" or --folder "Health check,QuickStart"

    • If a specific folder needs to be run, automatically QuickStart folder will be executed first to avoid issues with account creation and setup.

  • --header -- If you wish to add custom headers to the requests, you can pass them as a string

    • Example: --header "key:value"

    • If you want to pass multiple custom headers, you can pass multiple --header flags

      • Example: --header "key1:value1" --header "key2:value2"

  • --verbose -- A boolean to print detailed logs (requests and responses)

Note: Passing --verbose will also print the connector as well as admin API keys in the logs. So, make sure you don't push the commands with --verbose to any public repository.

Running tests

  • Tests can be run with the following command:

    cargo run --package test_utils --bin test_utils -- --connector-name=<connector_name> --base-url=<base_url> --admin-api-key=<admin_api_key> \
    # optionally
    --folder "<folder_name_1>,<folder_name_2>,...<folder_name_n>" --verbose

Note: You can omit --package test_utils at the time of running the above command since it is optional.

The command cargo run --package test_utils --bin test_utils -- --connector-name=<connector_name> --base-url=<base_url> --admin-api-key=<admin_api_key> will generate newman commands on the go and execute the collection.

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