The complete guide to setting up & managing your own payments switch
After going through this guide, you should be able to:
  • Run Hyperswitch locally - Set up Hyperswitch on your local system & make a test payment
  • Deploy Hyperswitch on AWS - Create a production-ready setup on cloud & make a test payment
  • Go live - Go live with you own payments setup
This guide is designed for people with some coding experience, who want learn about Payments Switches and deploy Hyperswitch in their preferred mode. You will then be able to make payments via Hyperswitch and try its different components -
  • App Server - The core payments engine responsible for managing payment flows, payment unification and smart routing
  • Web Client (SDK) - An inclusive, consistent and blended payment experience optimized for the best payment conversions
  • Control center - A dashboard for payment analytics and operations, managing payment processors or payment methods and configuring payment routing rules

Running Payments yourself

Hyperswitch allows you to deploy and run your own payments stack. We offer support in terms answering queries, maintenance and feature enhancements.
Within 15-minutes, you should be able to deploye Hyperswitch in your local machine and can run payments through any payment provider of your choice. You'll be equipped to run payments for your own pet project, or a D2C website, or as an internship project, or just to learn Payments.
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