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Become a connector of Hyperswitch or use Hyperswitch to augment your acquiring solution

We believe that payments should be basic utility like water or electricity. Hyperswitch is an effort towards enhancing accessibility, bridging diversity and reducing the cost involved in processing payments.

One of the means to achieve our vision is by enabling more merchants to directly connect with the banks to process payments.

If you resonate with our vision, you can learn more about how you can join the movement as a financial institution!


I. Acquire more merchants for your bank's acquiring solution

Banks can deploy Hyperswitch on their own infrastructure, whitelabel the product and start distributing to their merchants. With Hyperswitch, merchants could benefit by connecting to your bank's acquiring solution and at the same time access multiple payment methods including wallets, buy now pay later and many more.

In addition to processing payments, you can leverage the Hyperswitch SDK to manage your customers checkout experience and offer a full stack payment solution to merchants.

Hyperswitch offer an out-of-the-box migration capability to seamlessly migrate merchants from Stripe to your bank's acquiring solution. So you do not have to worry about long integration lead times if your merchants are already integrated to Stripe.

II. Unifying the diverse acquiring solutions within your bank

If you bank's acquiring technology is diverse with multiple technology solutions (may be due to recent acquisitions, or mergers, or any other reasons) you can unify them all under Hyperswitch. And banks can self deploy Hyperswitch on your own infrastructure, whitelabel and start distributing to your merchants.

This will significantly enhance the merchant onboarding experience and reduce the cost of managing multiple acquiring solutions within your bank.

Next steps?

I want to become a connector of Hyperswitch

Currently, Hyperswitch supports 50+ payment processors as connectors and we are in the process of adding more bank integrations. Because, we feel that if merchants directly connect to the bank it can help them reduce the cost of processing payments.

If you wish your bank's payment processing solution to be added as one of the connectors, you can reach out to us at biz@hyperswitch.io

I want to augment my acquiring solution with Hyperswitch

If you are considering to augment your acquiring solution with Hyperswitch open source, you might want to understand three important facts

  • Hyperswitch is 100% open source and Apache 2.0 licensed.

  • The project is fully maintained and run by Juspay Technologies - South Asia's leading payment orchestrator processing 75 million transactions per day and 11 years experience in payment orchestration. Juspay is back by investors such as Accel, Softbank, VEF and Wellington.

  • Hyperswitch open source project is also being offered as a managed service (Hyperswitch Cloud) for digital business who wish to opt for a fully managed payment solution. Learn more about the pricing plans and support.

You may get started by installing Hyperswitch in your own infastructure. If you need support, you can email us at biz@hyperswitch.io

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