♻️Smart Retries in Payout

Retries are attempts to make payouts after initial failure. Retries are used for recovering failed payouts. Smart Retries enables retry based on error type and connectors available. This significantly increase the success rate of the payout.

Please drop a note to biz@hyperswitch.io to enable Smart Retries for Payout (applicable only for Hyperswitch Cloud users).

Smart retries are configured based on error specific to connector and would retry only if the error configuration is suitable to increase transaction's success rate.

Types of Smart Retries

If a single connector is enabled to merchant for a particular payment method, eligible errors would be attempted for retry through the same connector

Available Payout Methods for Smart Retries

ConnectorPayout Methods


Cards, Banks and Wallets








Cards and Banks



Retry Conditions

  • Multi Connector Retry will work if there are multiple connectors available with a specific payout method enabled. The payout method is not changed in this case.

  • Single Connector Retry will not change its payout method for retrying the payment

  • Error Configuration must be loaded on our end (can be submitted by merchant)

  • Retry Count is set for every connector, which is 5 by default but can be customised as per merchant.

  • Smart Retry is continued till the payout is successful, retry count is exhausted or connectors are exhausted

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