React Native

Migrate from Stripe on your react native app

Migrate from Stripe on your React Native app in less than 15 mins!

If you are already integrated with Stripe as your payment processor, we have made migrating to Hyperswitch much simpler for you. And we will be adding quick migration support for more leading payment processors in the near future. And once you migrate, get immediate access to 40+ payment processors and features such as Smart Router, Digital Payments Manager and many more.

React Native - Node Backend and JS Frontend

The code from your Stripe integration to be removed and replaced is explained below in a step by step manner.

Step 1: Install Hyperswitch’s SDK and server side dependencies from npm

 $ npm install @juspay-tech/react-native-hyperswitch
 $ npm install @juspay-tech/hyper-node --save-dev

Install peer dependencies:

 $ npm install react-native-code-push react-native-gesture-handler react-native-inappbrowser-reborn react-native-pager-view react-native-safe-area-context react-native-screens react-native-svg @sentry/react-native

Step 2: Change the API key on the server side and modify the paymentIntent endpoint from your server side. You can get the API key from Developers page on the dashboard.

// from
const stripe = require("stripe")("your_stripe_api_key");
// to
const stripe = require("@juspay-tech/hyper-node")("your_hyperswitch_api_key");

Step 3: Call useStripe() with your Hyperswitch publishable key to configure the SDK library, from your website

// from
import { StripeProvider } from "@stripe/stripe-react-native";
// to
import { HyperProvider } from "@juspay-tech/react-native-hyperswitch";
// from
import { useStripe } from "@stripe/stripe-react-native";
// to
import { useStripe } from "@juspay-tech/react-native-hyperswitch";

Step 4: Configure your checkout form to import from Hyperswitch

// from
<StripeProvider ... > ... </StripeProvider>
// to
<HyperProvider ... > ... </HyperProvider>

Step 5: Run your application to make a test payment. And verify the status of the transaction on Hyperswitch Dashboard and Stripe Dashboard. Congratulations ! You have successfully integrated Hyperswitch to your payments stack and you now have access to a suite of 40+ payment processors and acquirers.

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