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Hyperswitch Checkout for WooCommerce by hyperswitch.io

In this section, know about the various features offered by Hyperswitch Woocommerce Plugin and how can you get started with it.

Give your shoppers a lightweight and embedded payment experience for Stripe + Paypal, with Hyperswitch - an open source financial switch. And future proof your business continuity with the redundancy of multiple payment processors provided.


An embedded and less confusing Stripe + Paypal payment experience with fewer clicks to checkout, avoiding unnecessary redirects and mobile first. The embedded payment sheet blends seamlessly with the theme of your Wordpress website and all the payment methods are presented on a unified view.

A superior checkout experience directly translates to your business growth - improved conversion rates, heightened customer satisfaction, and enhanced customer loyalty.


Your payment experience will load faster, because hyperswitch eliminates the necessity to load multiple javascript libraries of payment processors.

How? Hyperswitch is standalone PCI compliant for accepting and storing card information, thus eliminating the need to load javascript libraries of multiple payment processors.

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Future proofing

With Hyperswitch private card vault, your business can exercise co control of your customers’ cards on file. No payment processor can put you in a precarious situation by simply blocking your payments, or by increasing processing fees. With the Hyperswitch dashboard, you can add/switch payment processors on the go.

More features

In addition to the above, Hyperswitch also offers

  • Access to 40+ processors and 80+ payment methods

  • PCI L1 certified to store credit/debit card data

  • GDPR ready to store customer data

  • Smart routing engine to define business rules to optimize your payment processing costs and boost conversion rates

  • Single unified dashboard for analytics, payment operations, refunds

  • Smart retries to enhance conversion rate

  • Local payment methods for 40+ countries

  • Direct API and SDK Integrations to support your business as it grows multifold

  • Customize your Payment Experience, although this plugin is built to seamlessly tailor the payment experience to match your website’s branding by blending the payment sheet into your WordPress theme, if you wish to, you can further customize the β€œAppearance” and β€œLayout” of the payment sheet using styles or pre-built themes.

  • Manual Capture - You can choose to capture customer payments automatically or manually, as per your needs. Once a customer authorizes their payment, you can easily capture payments manually through the Woocommerce Dashboard.

  • Refunds - In cases where you need to issue a refund to a customer, the Hyperswitch plugin streamlines this process within your Woocommerce Dashboard.

  • Sync Payments - With the Hyperswitch plugin integrated into your Woocommerce Dashboard, you have the flexibility to manually sync payment status whenever necessary. This feature allows you to ensure accurate payment status representation and maintain consistent order management.

  • Real-time Order Updates - Hyperswitch facilitates seamless order updates through webhooks, allowing you to automate various order management processes.

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