Google Pay

Integrate GooglePay (AndroidPay) via Cybersource in Hyperswitch

This page consists of steps for how GooglePay can be enabled in Hyperswitch via Cybersource

This guide assumes that you have alreaedy configured Cybersource as a connector in your Hyperswitch Control Center. If not please follow the steps mentioned here

Steps to Configure GooglePay

  • On your Hyperswitch Control Center, Click on

  • If you have already configured Cybersource successfully, then you will land on the page as shown in the image below

  • Click on Cybersource and then Click on Edit Icon to Update the Configuration of Cybersource Connector.

  • Click on proceed after making the necessary changes to your API Keys (if required any).

  • Select Google Pay under Wallet Section to enable it.

  • Enter the below mentioned GooglePay details in the overlay form and click Proceed

    1. Google Pay Merchant Key: This is your Cybersource Merchant ID

    2. Google Pay Merchant Name: This is your display name that the customer will see on his GooglePay App while making the payment.

    3. Google Pay Merchant ID: [For Production Only] Enter your GooglePay Merchant ID provided by Google when you signup and get approvals for using GooglePay on production.

[SANDBOX ENV]: For sandbox test environment, you can put any dummy value in Google Pay Merchant ID it won't affect the payments experience.

  • Click on Proceed, review your changes and click Done

Points to remember for GooglePay Payments via Cybersource

  • Required fields for GooglePay Payments Request via Cybersource

    • Email

    • Billing Address Details

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Address Line 1

      • Zip/Postal Code

      • City

      • State

      • Country

We recommend to pass this fields while creating the Payment Intent with Hyperswitch, Else Hyperswitch SDK will collect this information from the customer while making the payment which might not be the best experience for the customer.

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