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3DS Decision Manager Setup

This section covers the steps to setup 3ds decision manager using the Hyperswitch Control Center

Steps to setup a rule on 3DS Decision Manager?

Step 1: Go to 3DS Decision Manager tab on the Hyperswitch Control Center

Step 2: Click on create new rule

Step 3: Save the rule name and description

Step 4: Configure your desired rule by selecting the operators and values for the various fields

Step 5: Add more rules using the plus icon on the top right of the current rule panel

Step 6: Click save to configure and activate the rule

Step 7: Your rule is now successfully configured and 3D Secure authentication would be enforced all payments conforming to this rule

Note: 3DS decision manager supports only one active configuration at a time. Multiple rules can be combined into a single configuration as shown in the example


  1. What are some of the payment parameters that I can use to configure 3DS rules?

  • amount - set rules for a specific value or a range of values for the transaction amount

  • currency - select the currency of transaction

  • card_type - choose between credit and debit cards

  • card_network - choose between card networks like visa, mastercard etc.

  • billing_country - to select the billing_country

  1. How do I update the current configuration? Click on Create New and configure a new rule that would replace the existing configuration

  2. What happens if I set authentication_type as three_ds in /payments request? 3D Secure will be enforced and override the 3DS Decision Manager's decision

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