Onboard new payment integrations without code

Enablement of multiple processors

As your business grows faster, there would be a need to expand payment offerings with more payment processors. This need might arise due to multiple reasons:
  • Launching a business in new geography with a local payment processor
  • Offering local or new payment methods for your customers
  • Optimizing payment processing costs with an additional processor
  • Reducing dependency on a single processor
  • Migrating to a new processor, gradually, over time
Integrating and maintaining multiple payment processors is a complex activity and could drain significant tech bandwidth from your core business activities.

Available connectors and roadmap

What is Click and Connect?

Hyperswitch is pre-integrated with 50+ payment processors, and adding a new payment processor is fully automated. Hence it can be managed without development effort. By using Hyperswitch Click and Connect, all that you need to do would be four steps to enable a new payment processor.
Step 1: Procure the API secret credentials from the payment processor of your choice. Typically most payment processors have an online self-signup portal. In other cases, you may have to reach out to the payment processor’s sales team to procure the API secret credentials.
Step 2: Log on to Hyperswitch dashboard on test mode, choose the payment processor of choice, key in the API credentials and activate the PG
Step 3: Configure the Smart Routing Rules to start routing some transactions to the new payment processor.
Step 4: Launch the production environment and monitor performance metrics using Hyperswitch Dashboard.

How to get started?

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