3DS decision manager

Configure advanced rules with various payment parameters
Through this section, you will understand the working of 3DS Decision Manager and how to configure it.
Hyperswitch 3DS Decision Manager allows the merchant to configure advanced rules using various payment parameters such as amount, currency etc., to enforce 3D Secure authentication for card payments to reduce fraudulent transactions.

How does it work?

3DS Decision Flow
  • Hyperswitch supports 3D Secure card payments via multiple payment processors
  • The 3DS Decision Manager on the Hyperswitch Control Center allows you to configure advanced rules based on payment parameters to decide when to enforce 3DS on card payments for supported processors
  • For example, if you want to enforce 3DS authentication for all payments of value greater than $100 then you could setup the following rule on the 3DS Decision Manager and all the payment requests conforming to that rule would have authentication_type set as three_ds
Note: If an explicit value is passed on /payments request using the authentication_type parameter it will override the 3DS Decision Manager - API Reference
Some payment processors mandate a 3D Secure authentication for all payments which will be enforced regardless of the authentication_type in /payments request

Configure 3DS Decision Manager

Follow the setup guide to configure the 3DS Decision Manager

Next step

To test the 3DS Decision Manager, after activating the rule, we can make a Test Payment using the Hyperswitch Dashboard
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