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Integrate unified checkout with your react native app

In this section, you will get an overview of the Hyperswitch Unified Checkout for your React Native App

Revolutionize your app's payment capabilities with the Hyperswitch React Native SDK, delivering a seamless and tailored Global Checkout Experience. The Hyperswitch Unified Checkout on React native is meticulously designed to provide an all-encompassing, unified, and optimized payment journey, ensuring exceptional conversion rates.

Inclusive: Supporting a diverse array of global payment methods, including cards, buy now pay later, and digital wallets, the Unified Checkout adapts to local preferences. Customize the experience further with the ability to integrate local languages, creating a truly inclusive payment solution.

Consistent: Enjoy a singular and consistent payment experience across platforms, whether on the web, Android, or iOS. Driven by smart payment forms, minimal redirections, and intelligent retries, the Unified Checkout ensures a reliable and uniform payment process.

Blended: Tailor the payment experience to seamlessly integrate with your product using 40+ styling APIs. Achieve a fully native and embedded payment experience within your Android app or website, creating a cohesive and branded checkout environment.

Modify and Experiment: While the Unified Checkout is pre-optimized for maximum conversions, the Hyperswitch React Native SDK empowers you to go beyond the standard. Take control with our SDK APIs, allowing you to:

  • Include New Fields: Adapt swiftly to various use cases by adding new fields to the payment form, such as collecting billing addresses or zip codes for additional information.

  • Prioritize Payment Methods: Impact your payment mix and conversion rates by prioritizing or promoting specific payment methods based on your customer preferences.

  • Switch Themes and Layouts: Choose from a wide range of pre-designed themes and layouts for the checkout page, aligning the Unified Checkout with your app's aesthetics.

Experience the flexibility to modify and experiment, ensuring your app's payment journey aligns precisely with your business requirements and user expectations. Elevate your Android app's payment experience with the Hyperswitch React Native SDK.

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