Activate connector on Hyperswitch

Configure your preferred connector on Hyperswitch

This section gives you an overview of how to activate connector on Hyperswitch

Steps to activate Connector on the Hyperswitch Control center

  1. Access Connectors Section

    • Navigate to the Connectors section on the Control Center.

    • Select the desired connector using the '+ Connect' button.

  2. Configure Profile

    • Choose a Profile Name and Profile Id.

  3. Provide Credentials

    • Enter the required credentials for the selected connector obtained during signup or from the connector dashboard.

  4. Set Connector Label

    • Define a unique identifier for the connector under your business profile.

  5. Source Verification Key [Optional]

    • If applicable, provide the Source Verification Key for webhook authenticity.

  6. Click Connect and Proceed

  7. Configure Webhooks [Optional]

    • If the selected connector supports webhooks, copy the URL from control center and configure it in the connector dashboard.

  8. Click "Proceed"

  9. Enable Payment Methods

    • Choose the payment methods for the demo checkout.

    • Click "Proceed."

  10. Verify and Complete

    • Review your configuration.

    • Click "Done" to finalize the connector activation.

  11. Test a payment via activated connector.

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