Accept payments through Checkout via Hyperswitch

This section gives you an overview of how to make payments via Checkout through Hyperswitch is a global payment company that provides a gateway, an acquirer and processor as part of its end-to-end solution. They provide solutions to help businesses and their communities thrive in the digital economy. To know about more about payment methods supported by Checkout via hyperswitch visit here.


  1. You need to be registered with Checkout in order to proceed. In case you aren't, you can quickly setup your Checkout account here.

  2. You should have a registered Hyperswitch account. You can access your account from the Hyperswitch dashboard.

  3. Request the Checkout support team to enable handling raw card data for your Checkout account via email ( This will enable Hyperswitch to securely handle your customer's payment details.

  4. Chekcout api keys Checkout API key, Processing Channel ID and Checkout Secret Key are available in your Checkout dashboard under the Developers section.

  5. To configure new webhook endpoint, Navigate to the webhooks section of your Checkout dashboard and create a new Webhook.

Steps to activate Checkout on Hyperswitch control center.

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